Next April marks the 100th anniversary of Warren G. Harding vacationing in Augusta on his return from an extended sojourn in Florida. He spent many vacations during his presidency in Florida, golfing and otherwise rabble-rousing. This trip to Augusta— though it appears spontaneous and a wanted decision from President Harding— was actually a conglomeration of time and effort by then-mayor Julian Smith, Mr. Marion Reynolds, Mr. “Pink” Woody, and Landon Thomas. 

President Harding convalesced in the newly built and “completely fireproof” hotel, the Vanderbilt-Bon Air, attending events throughout Augusta like baseball games, the Easter service at the Masonic Temple, and dinner parties at the Thomas house, which is still standing today. 
In articles written about his impending visit, Augusta was touted as having the best weather in the country and snubbing Florida for having “blazing hot days” and “broiling sun” throughout the year. Clearly, air conditioning has played a part in Florida’s survival. It can be argued that the same can be said for Augusta. 

1922 was a banner year to be an Augustan, and 2022 is no different. There has been much change and growth, and I am excited to be a part of it. Of the many things that have happened this year, I have accepted the presidency position for the newly named Augusta Historical Society and website, We felt the time was right to evolve, not just who we are but what we are. 
We are the storytellers. We are the burners of the home. We are the preservationists of this great place resting on the edge of the Savannah River.

Not just me. 

Your contributions, whether they are of your time, your talent, or your treasures, keep the home fires burning and keep the story going. 
With the new name came a new logo— something that identified the strength and elegance of our past and the beauty and fortitude of our future: an ancient, calligraphic “A” intertwined with the pillars that build an “H.” These sit atop the noble “society.” Because, as a society, we are the aggregate of people living together in an ordered community with an overarching goal: to make our story repeatable, to make it rich with detail, and to make it available to anyone. 

Augusta Historical Society continues to offer programs to keep history alive for the next generation while the board is working “behind the scenes” to provide more interactive opportunities to connect with both your own history and the history of Augusta. 
Interested in getting involved? We need you. Reach out today. 
Interested in estate planning? Please consider a special bequest in your will for the Augusta Historical Society. For your convenience, our tax ID number is [fill in] 

Interested in giving the gift of membership to a family member or friend? Your $35 gift will be priceless when compared to what we have to lose.
Thank you for reading, thank you for supporting, and thank you for helping to carry our yesterdays into tomorrow.

Augusta Historical Society, Inc.

2500 Walton Way, Reese Library at Augusta University
Augusta, GA 30904